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Hi Nick, just wanted to say thank you again for giving me the hair I've always wanted. I still can't believe it's my own hair. I told you about going to Cabo for vacation and how I always kind of dreaded the thought of swimming in the beach or the pool and getting my hair wet because it became a huge frizz ball! It's always been such an embarrassing situation that I always just avoided getting in the water...until now!! My friends couldn't believe it! After swimming and sunning for a few hours, my hair looked like I had blown it dry and flat ironed it. I had no idea...I can't believe I've suffered all these years with crazy frizzy hair. Why didn't you tell me sooner? Haha! Thank you! You're awesome!

Nick's the best!

Nick gave me a keratin treatment and I want everybody to know how much this has changed my life seriously! No exaggerating here. It used to take me an hour to blow dry and flat iron my hair every morning but now it takes me about ten minutes to blow dry and I don't even have to flat iron anymore. And I can even do a wash and air dry and it looks great! My hair looks and feels like it was when I was 16 before I started coloring it. I've told all my friends who got it done with Nick and they are just as thrilled as i am - i'm the new hair expert now!! Haha. Anyway, Nick's the best!


Fantastic job with my cut and color Nick - as always! See you next month (maybe a keratin service???)

Jackie Otter
another happy client :-)

I orginally found Nick Apablasa searching for a stylist in downtown San Diego online - and I have never looked back!!!! Not only am I happy with my hair results, but Nick has also shown me how to save some precious time when I'm caring for my hair in the mornings. As one of Nick's biggest fans, I highly suggest making an appointment with him. Cynthia.

Cynthia Banks
Very happy - thanks Nick

Just wanted to tell you how thrilled I am with my new "do". I absolutely love it.

Dawn Donato
Hi Nick

Here's my take on Nick ... very professional, a pleasure to be around, and, most importantly, an expert stylist. I am happy that I finally found a good salon that also has some really great prices. 

Kim W.